Quality Policy

Global Innovation seeks to be the first partner with its partners in the management of their institutions through the provision of its ( publiceducational ) services.

In our belief in the importance of providing our services with the highest quality to the beneficiaries, the senior management of Global Innovation Company is committed to the following:

  • Establishing, implementing and maintaining a quality management system based on the requirements of ISO.
  • Compliance with all laws and regulations relevant to the Company's activity.
  • Achieving the requirements of beneficiaries and stakeholders, exceeding their expectations and working on their satisfaction by providing competitive services of high quality.
  • Identify and review measurable quality targets and follow up implementation of these objectives.
  • Provide the necessary resources and identify responsibilities and powers within the company.
  • Qualifying and developing the efficiency of all the company's employees by holding training courses and workshops, identifying the training needs based on the requirements of the beneficiaries, the developments and the working techniques and requirements of the stakeholders.
  • Improve the effectiveness of quality management system and evaluate opportunities for continuous improvement.

This policy, procedures and instructions are fully applied to all services of the Company. This policy has been communicated to all employees and beneficiaries and made available to stakeholders appropriately. All employees must comply with this policy as well as any external party to act on behalf of Company.

This policy and quality objectives will be reviewed periodically during management review meetings of QMS, to ensure sustainability.

Last updated: – 21/4/2018