Educational services

Creating and developing content and electronic solutions

The development of the educational and educational content, in all its visual, visual and audiovisual dimensions, in all its values, knowledge, skills and expertise, is a cornerstone for the educational and educational process within and outside the curriculum, according to standards that control performance and measure the achievement of the desired and planned goals.

The Global Innovation Company (GIC) provides a system of electronic solutions to automate the integrated learning process that contributes to the improvement of the educational process and the development of professional performance. It also contributes effectively to the rapid communication between the school, the teacher, the student and the guardian.

The Global Innovation Company (GIC) aims to provide integrated e-learning solutions and professional development through:

Electronic solutions

    • Electronic training in various forms.
    • Development of educational content.
    • Develop and host portals and e-applications.
    • Providing technical consultancy in e-learning.

Applications of electronic solutions

Virtual School:

The Innovation Company offers virtualized learning solutions to ensure that learning is facilitated and sustainable, and made available to those who can not access educational content from anywhere in the school or home. (E-registration, virtual classes, e-tests, e-assignments, reports and statistics, follow-up and educational support, e-certificates).

Bank of Questions and Self-Assessment:

The company offers an electronic system that allows for the construction and arbitration of electronic assessment / assignment questions and includes a wide range of pre-prepared electronic questions in the course.

The company also provides an interactive service that supports evaluation and evaluation processes to improve learning processes. The e-testing service enables teachers to build evaluation tools and give them to students electronically. The self-assessment service also enables the student to self-assess, at the level of a lesson, an educational unit or a full course, and is available before, during or after learning. Both services offer automatic correction features, the introduction of teachers’ estimated grades, and performance reports in different types of tests, so parents, teachers and students can view and save them in the student’s learning file.

Electronic Homeworks

An interactive e-service that enables teachers to create and electronically assign homework assignments to students, provide performance reports to inform the parent and track student progress.

Your lesson plans:

An electronic service that enables teachers to prepare daily lesson plans electronically, provide optimal planning guidance for them. The service also provides the following characteristics (course distribution, proposing best strategies for explaining lessons, instructional electronic wizard for effective planning, teacher hints and guidance for intelligent implementation, Applied Electronic, and an interactive library with specialized teachers).

Electronic Training:

Providing various electronic training programs across the various training platforms to contribute to the development of the educational and administrative staff and the educational leaders in a professional manner to help them perform the tasks assigned to them in their field.