Educational services

Development and rehabilitation of educational institutions

The Global Innovation Company (GIC) provides a model for the development of schools based on scientific principles and principles.

This model is based on three axes: 1. School 2. Teacher 3. Student, employee of best educational practices. This model includes a set of frameworks and tools (for the technical and administrative side) built by experts to achieve the objectives of the application of the model in making the schools educational institutions that seek to improve the quality of teaching and learning, to achieve higher levels of achievement of students and to achieve comprehensive and gradual development of the educational institution, And teachers to do their roles optimally.

The aim of the company is to make schools an educational institution capable of taking the lead in a large way, managing the process of development, directing and reviewing its performance and building its development plan to improve the educational process to become a safe and attractive learning environment to meet the needs and interests of learners through:

  • Develop schools to become an educational institution responsible for the self-development of their performance.
  • Develop and structure various departments such as financial, administrative and technical management of the educational institution.
  • Develop and strengthen the powers and strengthen them and activate accounting and support, and the use of performance indicators to measure the development and impact.