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Chairman Speech

The recent dramatic changes in entrepreneurship and unprecedented technological progress in the history of mankind have led to the opening of local markets to world markets and the world has become a small village.

The owners of companies and institutions in Egypt face not only the domestic competitor, but the fierce foreign competitor. We often see the invasion of foreign companies to the Egyptian market and the decline of Egyptian companies and institutions in front of that competitor. For example, in the education sector, international schools dominate the education sector by gaining parents’ confidence and presenting themselves as having a strong educational system that makes many parents prefer those schools to other Egyptian schools. As well as what is happening in many other sectors to win the confidence of the Egyptian consumer, Egyptian institutions and companies are retreating and fall in front of that fierce competitor.

Hence, the vision of the Global Innovation Company (GIC) is to make Egyptian institutions able to compete locally and internationally by having a strong professional management system, and making these institutions advance the ranks of the competing institutions and revolutionize the field of entrepreneurship in Egypt and thus the prosperity of the Egyptian economy as a whole. Egyptian market for Egyptians.

We “Global innovation company (GIC)” specializing in the field of management science, consulting, information technology, facilities management and training, direct investment in all fields – general fields of companies, factories, hospitals, etc. – the educational field, we provide assistance to our clients and help them manage their institutions so that they can Strong competition and excellence among partners.


Dr. Khaled Al-Dayan