Global Innovation Company

  • Management Consulting.
  • Corporate and business management.
  • Management and development of educational institutions.

Management Consulting

Develop the correct strategy for the institution and design the roadmap and restructuring.

Development and rehabilitation of educational institutions

Make schools an educational institution capable of leading themselves significantly, managing and directing the development process, reviewing its performance and building its own development plan to improve the process.

We believe that acting strategically will lead your company to Excellence.

About Us

The Global Innovation Company is one of the most promising companies in the management knowledge of its expertise and experience in various fields. We also have a group of professionals in the professional services activities that work in the development and organization of business as well as corporate governance, economic and strategic studies, management consulting services, investor services and consulting. Business, human resources and employment services, the development of ERP consulting services. As we work in a region of the world undergoing radical and unprecedented changes, we recognize the importance of the need for systematic development of enterprises in order to build a foundation for Yen for the future.
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Our Vision

To lead the integrated work and insist on the Companies' success, raising ourselves to the ranks of companies capable of changing the business world to achieve the interests and aspirations of our customers.


What distinguishes the Global Innovation Company (GIC) is the services it provides to its customers. We are pursuing a strong and effective strategy that has proven successful with all our clients. The team of the Global Innovation Company will study every aspect of the institution and analyze this aspect to identify the strengths and weaknesses to develop the desired strategy of the institution through which it can stand on firm feet and then make This enterprise is able to compete in the market with all strength. The following are the services provided by the Global Innovation Company (GIC) in the two fields (General – Education).

Public Services

The Global Innovation Company is interested in its customers through its public services. The team of Al-Ibtikar International Company studies each aspect of the institution and analyzes this aspect to identify the strengths and weaknesses to develop the desired strategy of the institution.

Educational Services

The educational process is of great importance and is one of the most important indicators of the progress of nations. Therefore, the global innovation company pays great attention to the educational process by providing a wide range of educational services, starting with the establishment, management, development and qualification of educational institutions.